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Summer spinnin' gonna have me a blast. Summer spinnin' bobbins fillin' so fast. Met a wheel crazy for me. Met a fiber soft as can be. Summer spinnin' drafting away to, oh, oh those summer yarns. Tell me more, tell me more how much did you spin? Tell me more, tell me more, what weight was it in?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Exceeding My Goals - Finally

I spun for 7 whole hours this week! I'm jazzed. I'm averaging 4 hours each week, which is right on my goal. Four of the seven hours were spent spinning at my Guild's Sheep to Shawl event. This was only my second time spinning in public and I loved it.

I've 'regressed' to inchworm spinning on my latest project. I'm working on black Merino laps and the only way I can control the fiber is to inch my way along.
It's frustrating - it's difficult to keep the fiber from breaking - and my hand starts cramping after just a short time. So rather than quitting after only an hour or so, I set up my Lendrum for "fun" spinning. I'll work on two projects at once; when I get frustrated with the Merino, I'll move over to the other wheel and spin something more colorful and easier on my hands.

Has anyone ever heard of 'laps'? I was told it is what's left on commercial drumcarders when the batts are removed. Each section of fiber is about 4" wide and 12" long. I had never heard of them before. I'm wondering if my spinning trouble is because the fiber is Merino or if there is something about 'laps' that makes them more difficult to spin. Anybody know? Or have an opinion?

Pictures are on my blog. Happy spinning! (Oh, and Kristi? If you extend the challenge, as was discussed in the comments earlier, I'm *definitely* in. This has been a lot of fun.)


At 7:39 AM, Blogger margene said...

You are learning so much be spinning a fiber like that. This has been a fun challenge.


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