Summer Spinning

Summer spinnin' gonna have me a blast. Summer spinnin' bobbins fillin' so fast. Met a wheel crazy for me. Met a fiber soft as can be. Summer spinnin' drafting away to, oh, oh those summer yarns. Tell me more, tell me more how much did you spin? Tell me more, tell me more, what weight was it in?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Changing My Goal

I'm giving up on Grover for now. I'm still not happy with the fiber prep; Grover deserves better. And I signed up for the Challenge to get me to spin, not spend all my time doing fiber prep. So until I can card the wool into batts, I'm going to move on to something else.

My new challenge is going to be spinning the Brushstrokes Batt I received today. It's about 9 ounces according to my (not very accurate says the post office) postal scale. I want to spin it at a lace weight, ply it, set the twist, and be ready to start crocheting it by the end of the Challenge on September 22.

I did 3.5 hours of spinning
on the Lendrum this week for this Challenge. I also spun about 5 hours for the Tour de Fleece, using the Traveller. Setting goals for both challenges has really improved my spinning time. Details and pictures are on my blog.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Jinann said...

I really liked how the silver/grey Grover was coming out - it looked so lustrous! Sorry the prep is not going well. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Brushstrokes spins up.


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