Summer Spinning

Summer spinnin' gonna have me a blast. Summer spinnin' bobbins fillin' so fast. Met a wheel crazy for me. Met a fiber soft as can be. Summer spinnin' drafting away to, oh, oh those summer yarns. Tell me more, tell me more how much did you spin? Tell me more, tell me more, what weight was it in?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ready to Fly!

I only managed to spin for 2.5 hours this week but . . . . . I have 2 pounds of wool picked and ready to spin. I stayed up until 2 a.m. last night processing fleece so I could pass the picker on to my spinning buddy today. During week 3, I can concentrate on spinning rather than having to spend time on fiber prep. (Do you think I can spin all of this in one week? No? Me neither. But no harm in trying!)

And . . . . I actually spun some of Grover this week. Isn't it gorgeous? I love all the different shades in this Lincoln/Columbia fleece. (The fiber is a little darker than in this photo - I'll try to take the next picture during the day so I don't have to use the flash.)
It will be a while before I'm ready to ply. The Woolee Winder bobbins really pack on the fiber and I'd like to have two full bobbins before I move to the next step. But when I start plying, I should end up with a huge skein.


At 4:10 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

Holy naked sheep Batman - that's a lot of fleece. I can't wait to see it spun.

You are going to have some Gorgeous grey yarn. I LOVE all the hues of gray in that fleece. It is STUNNING!!

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Jinann said...

You sure will have a huge skein - a friend of mine uses a Woolee Winder and gets large skeins....they're 600-700 yds. long!

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Designedly, Kristi said...

You've done a ton of work to get ready for spinning and that says something as well! Grover is looking great!


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